We don’t think that eating meat should cost your conscience. The way that we farm has a direct effect on the flavour and quality of the meat that we produce. Not only that but the way we farm effects the impact that we have on the environment.

We created Claystone Meats because we wanted to create change and provide choice for consumers. Our founders Mish and Stace Allen are multi-generational farmers with a drive to make a impact on the Australian beef industry along with Sash and Joelle Brodbeck ardent foodies and Canberra icons as owners of Brodburger. After a chance meeting friendships were forged and Claystone Meats was created.


carefully considered process

Farming on the gorgeous Hoskinstown plains, Mish and Stace use only the best farming practices to breed and raise cattle. Cattle chosen for their ability to produce the highest quality meat.

The Claystone Meats facility has been built specifically with meat quality in the forefront of our decisions. Located in Beard ACT we are all about keeping things in house and local to keep our food miles low. The butchers room is temperature regulated to 3 degrees Celsius to ensure that the meats are kept and worked on in a complete chill chain. The Chill chain allows not only for an increase to the meat quality but additionally also to the longevity of the products as they don’t fluctuate in temperature through the butchering process.

Meet the farmers

Mish and Stace have farming in their veins.

Coming from multi-generational farming families dating back to the 1860s they have an extensive knowledge of both the land and animals. Using only the best practice passed down from generations of farmers before them to farm sustainably, ethically and with a low carbon foot print.

Meet the Chef


If you've had one of our tasty sausages, or perhaps our fresh rissoles, or our heat and eat treats or if you're one of the lucky ones, one of our delicious lasagnas this is the man behind the flavours!

Meet Jeurg our in house chef! Jeurg had years of industry experience in commercial kitchens and now he is the wizard who makes all our custom products in house! Whether it be brisket broth or smoked lamb ribs, custom sausages this man can do it all.

Just another reason we are not just your regular butchery!

Meet the Butcher


Sammy our head butcher. You may have had the privilege to meet Sam on the occasional Capital Farmer's Market Saturday or if you've dropped by the shop to pick up an order. He is truly the oil who keeps our little engine running. He is dedicated to bringing our best to you and never shies away from the work to be done! Sam is happy to chat with you about the right cut for your menu and has fantastic knife skills that will make any cut shine