The grill Claystone Backyard BBQ / Smoke Off Competition Entry Form

Claystone Backyard BBQ / Smoke Off Competition Entry Form

10 August, 2022 by Claystone Meats


Email filled out entry form to



  1. Claystone Meats sanctions this event with all rules for judging as written by this organization.
  2. A contestant or team consists of one chief cook and no more than three assistants.

Contestants may check into the BBQ Cook off grounds (4 Spongolite Street Beard ACT 2620) beginning at 1PM Saturday November 26, but MUST be in place by 12pm, Sunday November 27th. No cars are allowed into the grounds between 12pm and 4pm Sunday November 27th.

  1. All competitors will use CLAYSTONE BEEF exclusively. All meat for the competition is provided in their entry fee. No pre-marinating, pre-cooking, or pre-spicing prior to official start time.

Categories for the competition are as follows:

  1. BBQ Scotch Fillet
  2. Smoked Beef Short Ribs
  3. Side dish

 The meats and side dish will be judged on 2 criteria

  1. Taste
  2. Appearance

You may COOK with sauce but DO NOT add sauce, marinade, or juice to meat or container once the meat is prepared for judging. No garnishing or markers allowed for the judge’s portions. (These rules don’t apply for the People’s Choice Sampling/ Judging.)

No chemicals, phosphates or meat enhancers are permitted

  1. Extra portions (30) will be supplied & must be cooked for the people’s choice judges

People’s Choice judges can be determined by their coloured wrist band. They will attend your site for their judgement of the meat around the time of judging.

Extra meat and portion dishes will be provided at registration for the People’s Choice judges.

  1. Cooks are to prepare and cook as sanitary a manner as possible.

Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the CLAYSTONE MEATS and/or the Nation Health and Safety Health Inspectors. Conditions found to be unsanitary will be grounds for disqualification from this cook-off.

  1. Contest meats must be delivered to the designated judging location at each specified time.

Contest meats will be judged on the event (Sunday, November 27). Attend the Cooks Meeting at 2PM Saturday for explanation of the rules, any additional instructions and confirmation of turn-in times for each category.

Please turn in the approximately serve of meat, sliced for the judges in the provided numbered tray. Times for presentation will be forwarded closer to the event.


  1. All Cooking Teams will also be judged for People’s Choice.

Claystone Meats will sell tasting wrist bands for attendees that want to participate in judging the People’s Choice category.

Each team will need to make sufficient meat to be passed out in SMALL samples. You should have samples of the categories you enter available at the time of turn in. Voting tickets will be distributed with each purchased wristband. Claystone Meats will tally the votes at 2:30pm and announce the winners at 3pm.

  1. Any nudity, lewdness, or any form of vulgarity will NOT be allowed. NO pyrotechnics or explosives are allowed.

Any intentional use of the above by a team will result in disqualification, removal from grounds and elimination from the tournament.

  1. Prize money and trophies will be awarded as follows:
  • Grand Champion 

Steak, Short Ribs or Side Dish - $2000

  • Best BBQ Scotch Fillet

Trophy, $500 Cash, $100 meat gift voucher -1st, $250 Cash, $100 meat gift voucher – 2nd, $200 meat gift voucher 3rd


  • Best Smoked Beef Short Rib
Trophy, $500 Cash, $100 meat gift voucher -1st, $250 Cash, $100 meat gift voucher – 2nd, $200 meat gift voucher 3rd
    • Best Side dish

    Trophy, $250 Cash -1st, $150 Cash – 2nd, $200 meat gift voucher 3rd


    • People’s choice award.

    Trophy, prize pack, $200 meat gift voucher – 1st only


    1. Cost of entry

     $150 for the meat category. Limit of 10 BBQ’er, 10 Smokers.

    Entry to include meat for judging and tasting, judging dish, tasting dishes,

    6 scotch fillets (1 for judging, 5 for 30 portions for people’s choice judges)

    8 Rib Racks (1 for judging, 5 for 30 portions for people’s choice judges)


    $75 for the side dish category. Limit of 20 side dishes (ancillary to meat dishes)

    Entry to include judging dish, tasting dishes,

    1. Contest spaces of 3x3 will be available for each team.

    There is no electricity available at these spots. All cooking facilities, rigs, props or show articles must fit within your team’s contest space.

    AFTER UNLOADING PLEASE IMMEDIATELY REMOVE YOUR VEHICLE. There shall be no vehicular access to the grounds of CLAYSTONE MEATS between 12pm and 4pm. Bumping in & out must occur outside these times,

    1. The Chief Cook for each team will be responsible for the conduct of his team, guests or invitees.

    Additionally, the Chief Cook will be responsible for his team’s compliance with the rules and regulations herein set forth. EXCESSIVE USE of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification. Contestants must not give, offer, sell, or donate alcoholic beverages to the general public.

    Teams will only offer BBQ to the public if they have purchased the BBQ Tasting Wrist Band. Any offensive conduct will be grounds for disqualification from the Cook-off and expulsion from the Barbecue Cook-off Grounds.

    1. Claystone Meats reserves the right to make additional rules and regulations as the situation warrants. Decisions of Claystone Meats are final.
    2. Claystone Meats, its members or directors, and the participating landlords will not be held responsible for theft or damage to equipment or bodily injury of any kind.
    3. Animal(s) of any kind WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in any contestant’s contest space nor will any animal(s) be permitted on the BBQ Cook-off Grounds, EXCEPT for seeing-eye/companion dogs.